My Life In A Tote

I was visiting my neuromuscular dentist the other day; he and I have become very tight over the past four months. I’d call him the other man in my life, just the other man who clearly doesn’t get [...]

Spaghetti Headz

**This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own** Haydan has wild-woman hair. I am talking actual ‘I look like a cyclone just blew through my neck of the woods’ hair. I have to purchase hair [...]

Child-Free Weekend

I’ve been somewhat spoiled by my mother in my adulthood. She has made more trips to San Diego from Phoenix to watch our monkey, Haydan, than I’ve made trips to In N’ Out the past six months. [...]

Happy New Year

2014 has been so many thing! To sum it up, I’d say adventurous and a helluva ride! To those of you whom have been along for the ride—thanks for sticking around. I hope my shenanigans have kept [...]

My Open Christmas Letter

Sending Christmas cards is something that families do. I get it- it’s cute, a fun way to show a couple pics of how your family has changed, how your kids have grown, and how you now have a [...]

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