Children’s Craft Kits

Children’s Craft Kits-Destroying My Sanity, One Kit at a Time One word: Kill me. Really, I could stop writing right now. That is how much I hate those damn boxed craft sets. Let’s start with the [...]

A Love Letter to My ‘Man Barb’ on Valentine’s Day

Dearest Man-Barb, There are a lot of amazing qualities I love about you. I have decided to highlight twelve of them in a very romantical love blog-post. You are welcome. 1. I love that you bring [...]

Hair In All The Wrong Places

I’ve been hairy since birth. My mom told me I was born with a full rug of hair not only on my head but on my back, too. This has sort of haunted me in life. Thankfully, I was given a nice full [...]

A Chat With Smashley Ashley’s Husband

I thought this week it would be fun to switch it up and hear from my other half- Justin, my husband. I asked Justin to share some of the most interesting things he could think of relative to his [...]

My Place

*This is a Sponsored Post- All Opinions Are My Own & Haydan’s* Let me start by saying that the television that graced my 40lb Panasonic television back in the late 90’s is quite different [...]

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