Life's a little weird..

but the laughs are endless.


Nine one Inch Nails

I had a very small mission on Friday afternoon and it seemed beyond simple. Unfortunately, it was quite the opposite… Haydan has been out of town all week with the grands visiting and having a great time so that momma bear could get some work done. It seems that working from home and having a 6 year old as my… Read more →


‘Mom, That Really Isn’t My Style’

    Once I first learned that I was pregnant with a baby girl back in 2007, I did the opposite of what every mother expecting a girl does: I bought all bad ass baby clothing that went against the norm.     I think one of the very first outfits I purchased Haydan was a Social Distortion onesie with… Read more →


Big Bear Lake- Happy 4th!

    Sad to say, but we are not a big ‘vacation’ type family. Not to say that we do not enjoy a vacation. It’s just that our bank account isn’t fond of us taking vacations. I know, what an asshole. Anything/anyone who tries to hold a person or family back from taking a vacation should be stoned. I shall… Read more →

Our 'Junk Bikes'

Junk Bikes

It’s 8:00AM on a Sunday morning and I have just settled down with a nice cup of Joe. I like to wake up a tad early on the weekend to enjoy the total peace and quiet of my living room before my heard of family and animals awake. Before you know it, Spongebob’s theme song is playing in the back ground… Read more →